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Index Number Entry
9783039109968 ’National education’ through mutually supportive devices : a case study of Zionist education / Yuval
9783039109999 (pbk.) Lion Feuchtwanger und die deutschsprachigen Emigranten in Frankreich von 1933 bis 1941 = Lion Feucht
9783039110001 Gottfried Keller, Die Leute von Seldwyla : kritische Studien = critical essays / Hans-Joachim Hahn a
9783039110025 (pbk.) The politics of prostitution in Berlin Alexanderplatz / Nicole Shea.
9783039110056 (pbk.) Borges ante el fascismo / Annick Louis.
9783039110124 Les combats chevaleresques dans l’oeuvre de Chrétien de Troyes / Guillaume Bergeron.
9783039110162 (pbk.) Julien Green, diariste et essayiste / Michael O’Dwyer (éd.).
9783039110179 (pbk.) Jeanne Hyvrard, wounded witness : the body politic and the illness narrative / Helen Vassallo.
9783039110186 Challenging separate spheres : female Bildung in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Germany / Marjan
9783039110209 (alk. paper) Mexican travel writing / Thea Pitman.
9783039110216 From revolution to migration : a study of contemporary Cuban and Cuban-American crime fiction / Hele
9783039110223 (pbk.) Samuel Beckett’s abstract drama : works for stage and screen, 1962-1985 / Erik Tonning.
9783039110247 (pbk.) The railway and modernity : time, space and the machine ensemble / Matthew Beaumont and Michael Free
9783039110339 Fictions of 1947 : representations of Indian decolonization 1919-1962 / Kate Marsh.
9783039110360 (pbk.) Bengali-English in East London : a study in urban multilingualism / Sebastian M. Rasinger.
9783039110360 (pbk) Bengali-English in East London : a study in urban multilingualism / Sebastian M. Rasinger
9783039110391 Trials and tribunals in the dramas of Heinrich von Kleist / Kim Fordham.
9783039110407 (pbk.) Antisemitic elements in the critique of capitalism in German culture, 1850-1933 / Matthew Lange.
9783039110414 Minority language planning and micronationalism in Italy : an analysis of the situation of Friulian,
9783039110438 (pbk.) Framed! : essays in French studies / Lucy Bolton ... [et al.] (eds).

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