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Index Number Entry
9781400062928 Shimon Peres : the biography / Michael Bar-Zohar.
9781400063512 The black swan : the impact of the highly improbable / Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
9781400063918 (alk. paper) Buying in : the secret dialogue between what we buy and who we are / Rob Walker.
978-140-006-4 Management training and development in Nigeria.
9781400067039 The fall of the house of Dixie : the Civil War and the social revolution that transformed the South
9781400067824 Antifragile : things that gain from disorder / Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
9781400068555 (alk. paper) The war that ended peace : the road to 1914 / Margaret MacMillan.
9781400068715 The age of insight : the quest to understand the unconscious in art, mind, and brain, from Vienna 19
9781400069026 American Ulysses : a life of Ulysses S. Grant / Ronald C. White, Jr.
9781400069170 Tension city : inside the Presidential debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain / Jim Lehrer.
9781400069729 Fierce patriot : the tangled lives of William Tecumseh Sherman / Robert L. O’Connell.
9781400069835 The revenge of geography : what the map tells us about coming conflicts and the battle against fate
9781400070787 Dancing under the red star : the extraordinary story of Margaret Werner, the only American woman to
9781400075799 War trash : a novel / Ha Jin.
9781400076987 Arik : the life of Ariel Sharon / David Landau.
9781400077243 Mad as hell : the crisis of the 1970s and the rise of the populist right / Dominic Sandbrook.
9781400077625 Gathering evidence : a memoir ; and, My prizes : an accounting / Thomas Bernhard.
9781400078035 Stardust lost : the triumph, tragedy, and mishugas of the Yiddish theater in America / Stefan Kanfer
9781400078189 Habits of empire : a history of American expansion / Walter Nugent.
9781400078394 Learned optimism : how to change your mind and your life / Martin E.P. Seligman.

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