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Index Number Entry
9780817315191 (cloth : alk. paper) Sherman’s Mississippi campaign / Buck T. Foster.
9780817315221 (hbk) Mark Twain : the complete interviews / edited by Gary Scharnhorst.
9780817315238 Feminist interventions in early American studies / edited by Mary C. Carruth.
9780817315269 From conciliation to conquest : the sack of Athens and the court-martial of Colonel John B. Turchin
9780817315368 (hbk.) Rhetorical knowledge in legal practice and critical legal theory / Francis J. Mootz III.
9780817315375 (alk. paper) Edith Wharton and the visual arts / Emily J. Orlando.
9780817315382 (alk. paper) Mark Twain and the spiritual crisis of his age / Harold K. Bush, Jr.
9780817315399 (alk. paper) Public administration’s final exam : a pragmatist restructuring of the profession and the discipline
9780817315429 (alk. paper) Disturbing Indians : the archaeology of southern fiction / Annette Trefzer.
9780817315498 Survival pending revolution : the history of the Black Panther Party / Paul Alkebulan.
9780817315498 (cloth : alk. paper) Survival pending revolution : the history of the Black Panther Party / Paul Alkebulan.
9780817315504 (cloth : alk. paper) Toxic tourism : rhetorics of pollution, travel, and environmental justice / Phaedra C. Pezzullo.
9780817315566 Chronicle of a failure foretold : the peace process of Colombian president Andrés Pastrana / Harvey
9780817315627 (hbk.) Prehistoric digital poetry : an archaeology of forms, 1959-1995 / C.T. Funkhouser.
9780817315658 (cloth : alk. paper) The nature of an ancient Maya city : resources, interaction, and power at Blue Creek, Belize / Thoma
9780817315665 (cloth : alk. paper) Re-enchanting the world : Maya Protestantism in the Guatemalan highlands / C. Mathews Samson.
9780817315726 (cloth : alk. paper) Fabricating the people : politics and administration in the biopolitical state / Thomas J. Catlaw.
9780817315740 Stand up for Alabama : Governor George Wallace / Jeff Frederick.
9780817315757 (cloth : alk. paper) The prettier doll : rhetoric, discourse, and ordinary democracy / edited by Karen Tracy, James P. Mc
9780817315801 (hbk.) Contesting the past, reconstructing the nation : American literature and culture in the Gilded Age,

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