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Index Number Entry
9780776603872 Caring and curing : historical perspectives on women and healing in Canada / edited by Dianne Dodd a
9780776603995 Teaching translation from Spanish to English : worlds beyond words / Allison Beeby Lonsdale.
9780776604480 Translation and gender : translating in the "era of feminism" / Luise von Flotow.
9780776604480 Translation and gender : translating in the "era of feminism" / Luise von Flotow.
9780776604510 Worlds of wonder : readings in Canadian science fiction and fantasy literature / edited by Jean-Fran
9780776604572 The origins of simultaneous interpretation : the Nuremberg Trial / Francesca Gaiba.
9780776604855 A quarter-century of normalization and social role valorization : evolution and impact / edited by R
9780776604886 Governance through social learning / Gilles Paquet.
9780776604930 Cyberidentities : Canadian & European presence in cyberspace / edited by Leen d’Haenens ; A.L. Cobb
9780776604954 The social question and the democratic revolution : Marx and the legacy of 1848 / edited by Douglas
9780776605012 Interpreters as diplomats : a diplomatic history of the role of interpreters in world politics / Rut
9780776605111 Feminist success stories / edited by Karen A. Blackford, Marie-Luce Garceau, Sandra Kirby = Celebron
9780776605289 Between actor and presence : the European Union and the future for the transatlantic relationship /
9780776605333 Shaping nations : constitutionalism and society in Australia and Canada / edited by Linda Cardinal a
9780776605432 Canadian migration patterns from Britain and North America / edited by Barbara J. Messamore.
9780776605517 The Canadian distinctiveness into the twenty-first century / edited by Chad Gaffield, Karen L. Gould
9780776605531 From subjects to citizens : a hundred years of citizenship in Australia and Canada / [edited by] Pie
9780776605944 The new geo-governance : a baroque approach / Gilles Paquet.
9780776606071 (pbk.) : Taking it to the Hill : the complete guide to appearing before parliamentary committees / David McIn
9780776606132 Margaret Atwood : the open eye / edited by John Moss and Tobi Kozakewich.

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