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Index Number Entry
9780300129960 Managing labor migration in the twenty-first century / Philip Martin, Manolo Abella, and Christiane
9780300130096 The red millionaire : a political biography of Willi Münzenberg, Moscow’s secret propaganda tsar i
9780300130126 Persuasion & rhetoric / Carlo Michelstaedter ; translated with an introduction and commentary by Rus
9780300130263 What Stalin knew : the enigma of Barbarossa / David E. Murphy.
9780300130324 Leo Strauss and the politics of American empire / Anne Norton.
9780300130355 Fixing intelligence : for a more secure America / William E. Odom.
9780300130355 Fixing intelligence : for a more secure America / William E. Odom.
9780300130386 The kings and their hawks : falconry in medieval England / Robin S. Oggins.
9780300130454 Horace’s Carmen saeculare : ritual magic and the poet’s art / Michael C.J. Putnam.
9780300130782 The Spanish Civil War, the Soviet Union, and communism / Stanley G. Payne.
9780300130805 The collapse of the Spanish Republic, 1933-1936 : origins of the Civil War / Stanley G. Payne.
9780300130829 Piano roles : a new history of the piano / James Parakilas with E. Douglas Bomberger [and others].
9780300131307 (pbk.) The price of everything-- : perspectives on the art market.
9780300131314 (pbk.) Neither new nor correct : new work by Mark Bradford / [curated by Carter E. Foster].’
9780300131321 (hbk.) Inspiring impressionism : the impressionists and the art of the past / edited by Ann Dumas ; with Xa
9780300131482 (pbk.) Frank Stella : painting into architecture / essay by Paul Goldberger.
9780300131987 We wept without tears : testimonies of the Jewish Sonderkommando from Auschwitz / Gideon Greif.
9780300132021 Reading Godot / Lois Gordon.
9780300132021 Reading Godot / Lois Gordon.
9780300132045 Love and the law in Cervantes / Roberto González Echevarría.

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