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Index Number Entry
9780192838858 (pbk.) Utopia / Thomas More. New Atlantis / Francis Bacon. The Isle of Pines / Henry Neville ; edited with
9780192839091 Cecilia, or, Memoirs of an heiress / edited by Peter Sabor and Margaret Anne Doody ; with an introdu
9780192839466 The poetic Edda / translated with an introduction and notes by Carolyne Larrington.
9780192839817 Discourse on the origin of inequality / Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; translated by Franklin Philip ; edit
9780192840448 The major works / William Wordsworth ; edited with an introduction and notes by Stephen Gill.
9780192840509 (pbk.) Aesop’s fables / translated with an introduction and notes by Laura Gibbs.
9780192840509 (pbk.) Aesop’s fables / translated with an introduction and notes by Laura Gibbs.
9780192840554 Colossus : the secrets of Bletchley Park’s codebreaking computers / B. Jack Copeland and others ; ed
9780192840943 (pbk.) Presocratic philosophy : a very short introduction / Catherine Osborne.
9780192840998 (pbk.) The elements : a very short introduction / Philip Ball
9780192842008 (pbk.) The photograph / Graham Clarke.
9780192842022 (pbk.) Archaic and classical Greek art / Robin Osborne.
9780192842114 Byzantine art / Robin Cormack.
9780192842220 (pbk.) European architecture 1750-1890 / Barry Bergdoll.
9780192842237 Early medieval architecture / Roger Stalley.
9780192842244 (pbk.) East European art, 1650-1950 / Jeremy Howard.
9780192842275 Renaissance architecture / Christy Anderson.
9780192842374 Classical art : from Greece to Rome / Mary Beard and John Henderson.
9780192842381 (pbk.) The Pacific arts of Polynesia and Micronesia / Adrienne L. Kaeppler.
9780192842411 Medieval art / Veronica Sekules.

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