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Index Number Entry
9780141966878 (ebook) The mystery tour / Judi Curtin
9780141966922 (ebook) Alice in the spotlight / by Chris Higgins
9780141967165 (ebook) The tragedy of Mister Morn / Vladimir Nabokov ; translation by Anastasia Tolstoy and Thomas Karshan
9780141967189 (ebook) Finding your element : how to discover your talents and passions and transform your life / Ken Robin
9780141968049 Mindwise : how we understand what others think, believe, feel, and want / Nicholas Epley.
9780141968612 (ebook) City of shadows / Alex Scarrow
9780141974835 (pbk.) Crimes against humanity : the struggle for global justice / Geoffrey Robertson.
9780141974866 (pbk.) The domesticated brain / Bruce Hood.
9780141975559 The party : the secret world of China’s communist rulers / Richard McGregor.
9780141975658 (pbk.) The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail -- but some don’t / Nate Silver.
9780141975658 The signal and the noise : the art and science of prediction / Nate Silver.
9780141976020 The body economic : eight experiments in economic recovery, from Iceland to Greece / David Stuckler
9780141976839 George I : the lucky king / Tim Blanning.
9780141976853 Richard I : the crusader king / Thomas Asbridge.
9780141977409 (pbk.) How to see the world / Nicholas Mirzoeff.
9780141977966 Edward II : the terrors of kingship / Christopher Given-Wilson.
9780141977997 Henry III : a simple and god-fearing king / Stephen Church.
9780141978031 (ebook) Why information grows : the evolution of order, from atoms to economies / C├ęsar Hidalgo.
9780141978529 Christendom destroyed : Europe 1517-1648 / Mark Greengrass.
9780141978574 Creative schools / Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica.

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