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Index Number Entry
1559702222 Alfred Nobel : a biography / Kenne Fant / translated from the Swedish by Marianne Ruuth
1559703091 Journey to my father, Isaac Bashevis Singer / Israel Zamir / translated from the Hebrew by Barbara H
1559703210 Warriors of disinformation : American propaganda, Soviet lies, and the winning of the Cold War : an
1559703563 Prohibition : the 13 years that changed America / Edward Behr
1559705531 Scrolling forward : making sense of documents in the digital age / by David M. Levy.
1559705981 (pbk.) Trigger happy : videogames and the entertainment revolution / Steven Poole.
1559707356 The Natashas : inside the new global sex trade / by Victor Malarek.
1559707445 The Kreutzer Sonata : a novel / by Margriet de Moor ; [translated by Susan Massotty].
1559707887 Agamemnon’s daughter : a novella and stories / Ismail Kadare ; translated from the French of Tedi Pa
1559720689 The death and life of Sylvia Plath / by Ronald Hayman.
1559722487 Reason and emotion in psychotherapy.
1559723467 (hbk.) The porcelain god : a social history of the toilet / Julie L. Horan ; illustrations by Deborah Frazi
1559723831 The Blue and the Gray on the silver screen : more than eighty years of Civil War movies / Roy Kinnar
1559746874 The social life of small urban spaces / a film by William H. Whyte.
1559990139 Analysis of the language of learning : the practical test of metalinguistics / Elizabeth G. Blodgett
1559994819 The source for apraxia therapy / Kathryn J. Tomlin.
1559997478 (examiner’s manual) TOPS : elementary test of problem solving / Linda Zachman .. ... [et al.].
1559998911 (picture stimuli book) TOPS : elementary test of problem solving / Linda Zachman .. ... [et al.].
1560000112 Social movements : ideologies, interests, and identities / Anthony Oberschall.
1560000155 Poverty, natural resources, and public policy in Central America / Sheldon Annis and contributors, O

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