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Index Number Entry
0826215025 (hbk) Mark Twain and medicine : "any mummery will cure" / K. Patrick Ober.
0826215149 Methodists and the crucible of race, 1930-1975 / Peter C. Murray.
0826215165 Masculinist impulses : Toomer, Hurston, Black writing, and modernity / Nathan Grant.
0826215181 Conrad and empire / Stephen Ross.
082621522x Prairie power : voices of 1960s Midwestern student protest
0826215386 Bugle resounding : music and musicians of the Civil War era / edited by Bruce C. Kelley and Mark A.
0826215416 (hbk.) Clio’s southern sisters : interviews with leaders of the Southern Association for Women Historians /
0826215424 (alk. paper) Daniel Webster and the oratory of civil religion / Craig R. Smith.
0826215491 (pbk.) The ivory tower and Harry Potter : perspectives on a literary phenomenon / Lana A. Whited, editor.
0826215572 (alk. paper) An imaginative Whig : reassessing the life and thought of Edmund Burke / edited with an introduction
0826215580 (alk. paper) Resolving racial conflict : the Community Relations Service and civil rights, 1964-1989 / Bertram Le
0826215637 (hbk) Place in American fiction : excursions and explorations / edited by H.L. Weatherby and George Core.
0826215661 (hbk) Medical women and Victorian fiction / Kristine Swenson.
082621570X (v. 1) Black Chicago’s first century / Christopher Robert Reed.
0826215777 (alk. paper) Finding people in early Greece / Carol G. Thomas.
0826215785 (pbk. : alk. paper) Manuel Zapata Olivella and the "darkening" of Latin American literature / Antonio D. Tillis.
0826215793 The master and the dean : the literary criticism of Henry James and William Dean Howells / Rob David
0826215807 (alk. paper) Fiction refracts science : modernist writers from Proust to Borges / Allen Thiher.
0826215831 (alk. paper) Global perspectives on industrial transformation in the American South / edited by Susanna Delfino,
0826215998 (alk. paper) A Confederate chronicle : the life of a Civil War survivor / Pamela Chase Hain.

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