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Index Number Entry
0752419404 Dying for the gods : human sacrifice in Iron Age & Roman Europe / Miranda Aldhouse Green.
0752419420 Byzantine pottery / Ken Dark.
0752419455 Prehistoric rock art of Northumberland / Stan Beckensall.
0752419471 Barra and the Bishop’s isles : living on the margin / Keith Branigan & Patrick Foster.
0752419498 The Roman shore forts : coastal defences of southern Britain / Andrew Pearson.
0752419501 Garrison life at Vindolanda : a band of brothers / Anthony Birley.
075241951x Mycenae : Agamemnon’s capital ; the site and its setting / Elizabeth French.
0752419528 Icelandic histories & romances / translated & introduced by Ralph O’Connor ; illustrated by Anne O’C
0752419536 Monuments of the British Neolithic : the roots of architecture / Miles Russell.
0752419552 Roman Carlisle & the post-Roman kingdoms / Michael McCarthy.
0752419552 (pbk.) Roman Carlisle & the lands of the Solway / Mike McCarthy.
0752419579 Avebury : the biography of a landscape / Joshua Pollard and Andrew Reynolds.
0752419587 (pbk) Offa’s Dyke : history and guide / David Hill & Margaret Worthington.
0752419595 AD 43 : the Roman invasion of Britain ; a reassessment / John Manley.
0752419609 The heirs of King Verica : culture and politics in Roman Britain / Martin Henig.
0752419617 Christ’s poor men : the Carthusians in England / Glyn Coppack & Mick Aston.
0752419633 Landscapes of war : the archaeology of aggression and defence / Paul Hill & Julie Wileman.
075241965X Medieval Bath uncovered / Peter Davenport.
0752419668 The archaeology of mills and milling / Martin Watts.
0752419676 (pbk.) Britannia Prima : Britain’s last Roman province / Roger White.

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