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Index Number Entry
0451532252 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
0451615875 Latin-American literature today / edited by Anne Fremantle.
0451616189 Why we can’t wait? / Martin Luther King
0451616219 Two treatises of government / John Locke ; a critical edition with an introduction and apparatus cri
0451625854 Quality is free : the art of making quality certain / by Philip B. Crosby
0451626923 The black woman : an anthology / edited by Toni Cade.
0451627261 The classic slave narratives / edited and with an introduction by Henry Louis Gates, Jr
0451627954 Beowulf / a new translation with an introduction by Burton Raffel ; afterword by Robert P. Creed
0452006058 Eight great Hebrew short novels / edited by Alan Lelchuk and Gershon Shaked ; with an introduction b
0452006244 Man makes himself / by V. Gordon Childe ; with a foreword by Glyn Daniel
0452009308 : Existentialism : from Dostoevsky to Sartre / edited, with an introduction, prefaces, and new transla
0452009723 The essential Erasmus / selected and translated with introduction and commentary by John P. Dolan.
0452010268 The Human rights reader / edited by Walter Laqueur and Barry Rubin
0452010322 A history of the Jews : from the Babylonian exile to the present, 5728-1968 / Solomon Grayzel.
0452010438 Refusing to be a man : essays on sex and justice / John Stoltenberg
0452010543 Behind the mask : on sexual demons, sacred mothers, transvestites, gangsters, and other Japanese cul
0452010675 Hidden from history : reclaiming the gay and lesbian past / edited by Martin Duberman, Martha Vicinu
0452251443 How simple things are made / by Danelle McCafferty ; illustrations by Michael Goodman; photographs b
0-452-25233-4 The dance anthology.
0452254086 How to help children with common problems / Charles E. Schaefer and Howard L. Millman.

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